Welcome to the EVA Labs

The research focus Empirical Visual Aesthetics (EVAlab) was founded in 2004 by Helmut Leder and is recognized as the first department with a specific, exclusive research focus on visual empirical aesthetics. The unique expertise and international leadership in the field of visual aesthetics that has been established by this research team covers research on basic processes in aesthetic effects, neuro-aesthetics, biological foundations of beauty, societal impact of transformative art and field studies in urban aesthetics and museums with numerous funded projects. This research has led to influential theoretical models of art and aesthetic experiences (Leder et al., 2014), transformative experiences of art (Pelowski et al., 2017) and visual beauty (Leder et al., 2022). The EVAlabs have been serving as a central hub for research in this emerging field, hosting numerous researchers in empirical aesthetics, organizing conferences and symposia.